Heavy Timber Docks

Ideal for large yachts, commercial fishing operations and small-craft harbours. Constructed of large marine CCA treated structural timbers, fastened together with over-sized galvanized bolts and hardware and floated by epoxy coated Styrofoam billets.

These docks can be finished to handle the severe punishment of a commercial fishing operation, or tailored to suit the yacht that'll make her berth against it. Decking material can be dressed marine treated timbers, or a material can be selected to match the existing infrastructure. Wheel guard, sheathing and hand railing options are available as well to achieve the desired look. Large painted bollards, or large galvanized cleats are installed to suit the use of the docks. Full utilities can be installed including 120v and 240v shore power, water, as well as Internet, cable and any other required services. Utilities are hidden and are accessible from a top quality Eaton utility pedestal.

Standard Timber Docks

Our standard timber docks are an excellent choice for boats under 15 tons. Like its big brother, these docks are built of only marine CCA treated timbers and galvanized bolts and hardware. Floated by epoxy coated Styrofoam billets, or foam filled plastic pods if a higher dock free-board is required.

The normal finishing for these docks is very simple including dressed marine treated decking and galvanized cleats. More decking options are available, as well as, full utilities, wheel guard, toe board, hand railing and other options are available.