marina Services

Eagle Beach provides, high quality marina products, and complete installation and service of modern marinas. The high maintenence wooden docks of marinas past, are now increasing being replaced by a Ez Dock floating dock system. These new marinas are virtually zero maintenence, and have a 40+ year life span.

No comprimise is made when switching to a modern marina system, stability and strength of the Ez Dock system are unmatched and in most cases the new docks are much more solid under foot. The flexibility of the coupling system allows the docks to flex and absorb wave energy in turn making them able to handle Nor' Easters with out damage.

The modularity of the docks mean slips can be added and their lengths can be changed easily and at any time. Cleats and other accessories are quickly and easily moved to suit the needs of each boat.

Financing and payment plans

Generally marinas and boat clubs have floating dock systems which are aging and becoming an increasing annual maintenence expense. We work with the client to draft an economic agreement to provide a new, complete modern marina system with full utilities.