commercial & industrial

Eagle Beach can design and construct a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential marine structures. We actively tender on marine projects of all kinds in the Atlantic Canadian Provinces. We also provide our services to contractors with the marine aspects of their projects.

Our fleet of barges and equipment, can provide a stable work platforms for heavy equipment, as well as transport equipment and materials to islands and remote areas along the coast. This equipment gives us access to islands and heavily developed shore front communities at an economic rate.

Below we have outlined we few of our marine construction services that are frequently requested, please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for we are very flexible and can tackle projects of all kinds.

wave break systems

We offer both floating and fixed wave break solutions. Fixed wave breaks normally comes in the form of closed face sheathing on a highly reinforced wharf structure.

Our floating wave break systems, are built of heavy marine treated timbers, and floated by epoxy coated Styrofoam billets. They have a very deep draft and lots of weight to ensure they stop even large waves.

Slip way construction

Our slip way design and construction techniques ensure your investment is long lasting and can be used at all tide levels.

The portion of the slipway below the low tide mark is made up of pre cast concrete slabs which inter-lock and are bolted together.

Bridge Construction

Design and construction of bridges from steel, concrete and timber, for:
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Drive ways
  • Walking trails
  • Atv - Golf cart traffic

Boardwalk Construction

We design and construct top quality boardwalks with low environmental impact, typically for:
  • Beaches and parks
  • walking trails
  • residential properties

Remote Excavation

Island and remote coastline excavation services. We can manage and carry out all aspects of Island and remote coastal excavation projects.

Excavation equipment can be delivered by barge along with all necessary excavation materials. Our unique beaching barge allows us to provide this service at an efficient and economical rate.