Barge Services

Eagle Beach has a selection of well maintained sectional barges, deck barges and boats. We are able mobilize across Atlantic Canada's coast and our sectional barges can even be mobilized into rivers, and lakes. Modifications to the barges can be made to suit most any operation. Our years in the industry have seen us build and aquire many pieces of equipment some of which include loading ramps of many lengths and capacities, spuds, anchors, winches and more.

Crane Barge Service

From equipping oil rigs with their massive anchors to mooring lifting at the yacht club, we can mobilize a suitable crane barge for the job. We currently have Crane Barges in:
Halifax Harbour and Chester Basin.
Please contact us for rates and availability.

Floating Drill Platforms

We are commonly called upon to provide geo technical drill samples from the sea bed or provide a floating platform for drilling contractors. Our spuds and 4 point anchoring systems ensuring a solid platform to drill from. We have barges available with built in moon pools, keeping the equipment, personnel and the work away from the edges of the barge.

Island Supply

We transport equipment and materials in bulk to islands and other remote areas along the coast. Our unique beaching barge gives the ability to drive trucks or equipment on board and transport them to the shoreline of the island or remote location. This barge can quickly, and safely transport concrete trucks and other loads to and from island and remote job sites.